Handheld 3D viewers

These are the most cost-effective 3D glasses in the world, and are ideal for inserts for direct mail campaigns or other instances where the viewer is to be used for a specific purpose (they can be custom printed / branded for you). Most customers end up ordering these in large quantities, as the price really makes sense then.

Handheld 3D viewers
Handheld 3D viewers
Handheld 3D viewers

Magazine Bind-in

We have the best glasses you can bind into a magazine, which really makes your ad jump off the page! Easily detachable (and eminently brand-able), and we will work with the publication to ensure your glasses meet their specifications.


These are the “classic” red/cyan 3D glasses, and make images “POP”. Colors become more vibrant; and flesh tones clearer on TV and at the movies. These high quality glasses are perfect for campaigns, magazines, web pages, and direct mail flyers. We can even convert your marketing materials to 3D for the ultimate in advertising “WOW!”

Direct Mail Glasses

Will make your direct mail campaign sizzle! Choose from five unique designs that can be customized / branded to your exact specifications (think about it - who would throw away a 3D marketing piece, complete with 3D glasses?) We also do inserts, custom shapes, tear-off postcard glasses, or anything else you need. As long as the postal service will deliver it, we can 3D it!

Plastic Frame glasses

The highest quality available, these durable 3D glasses are ideal for special venues (like theme parks, movies, multi-media displays, stereo pairs, web site and print viewing.) Perfect for events where only the best will do! Available in polarized theme-park lens, aviation style, anaglyphic, ChoromaDepth, or 3D Stereo, they also come in a variety of styles and frame colors, as well, with folding frames or hand held versions.


Probably the world’s best practical joke - the words X-Ray magically appear when you look at any bright point of light. Great party gag, even better in hospitals! Also becomes a clever “business icebreaker” for doctors, radiologists, stockbrokers, detectives, security police, and more.

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