3D Is Growing Like Never Before!

3D technology may be the biggest “sleeper-trend” in media history. Several incarnations of 3D have appeared in the film industry, beginning in the 1950s and then reviving in the 1980s. In 2014, 3D technology is really taking off! The past two years have brought us more top-grossing 3D films than ever before and 3D visuals are making their way into everything from home television to educational tools.

Naturally, 3D advertising is right on board with this exciting new wave! Everyone from publishers to web developers are redeveloping their channels to bring 3D advertising to the forefront of marketing.

Imagine the impression that three dimensions can leave on your customers!

Our Partners See in 3D!!

Thrillscape Africa is a global company bringing the best of 3D technology to you.

Our partners come from all over the planet. They are corporations and businesses who all have one thing in common: they see the big, fun picture unwrapping right before their eyes, and want to ride the 3D wave to greater profits. For some companies, that means buying 3D glasses to resell. For others, it’s branded 3D glasses as a promotion. And for still others, they want 3D incorporated into their media, and then for good measure, supply the glasses.

Here’s who we serve:

  • Organizers of major events – sporting, social, etc.
  • Broadcasters and film/video/DVD production companies
  • Sporting bodies – for instance, local football clubs
  • Beverage companies
  • Telecommunications and media companies
  • PR and marketing agencies (e.g., product launches)
  • Retailers of every size
  • Major employers, all sectors (e.g., for publicity campaigns linked to 3D films, DVD, television programming or printed images)

We can accommodate any size order, from small to very large.

Some of the largest, most respected brands in the world trust us with their 3D needs. But you don’t have to be a global corporation to work with us. One of the big reasons for our success is the fact that we make it so any company – regardless of size – can take advantage of the exciting world of 3D.

Thrillscape Africa is here today for our partners (which includes you). And will remain by your side, as 3D continues to sweep the world of entertainment.

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