The Future is Here - 3D Comes to Africa

The eye-popping, jaw dropping effects of 3D technology are sweeping Africa on a continental scale! From the picturesque beaches of Northern Libya to the shipping docks of Cape Town; from the bright skyline of Johannesburg, across the savannah and beyond. Even the island nation of Madagascar is “oohing” and “ahhing” to the surreal spectacle as the wonder of 3D takes hold of viewers of all ages!

3D technology is spreading all across Africa! Movie theaters, home televisions and even cell phones are all shifting to take advantage of modern 3D capabilities. Are you ready to take advantage of this exciting visual medium? Thrillscape Africa is here, and we offer everything 3D – from media marketing services to the finest 3D glasses in the world!

NEWSFLASH!!! – The Eyes have it!! Global 3D displays are predicted to grow 25.7%, with 3D advertising leading the way.

Your Promotions – in 3D!!

Thrillscape Africa offers all manner of media services to take advantage of 3D. From print ads to 3D video (both online and off), we’re the go-to source for everything you need to make your company’s message POP!

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Get Your 3D Glasses Here

We got our start by being one of Europe’s leading suppliers of 3D glasses. And we’re talking about every style of 3D glasses imaginable, from stylish plastic lenses to easy-to-distribute handhelds.

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Have Questions?

Well, we have answers. Whether you want to utilize 3D in your media strategy or wish to simply provide your clients with the best in 3D entertainment, Thrillscape and its partners are ready to assist you.

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