Here Are Some Great 3D Ideas For You!

3D is everywhere – even at the Drive-in! Don’t forget to bring your duck!! Jackets? Check! Duck! Check! Stylish 3D Glasses for the latest 3D Drive-In extravaganza? You bet!!

Thrillscape has some ambitious plans for Africa and African companies who wish to take advantage of the profit-inducing fun that 3D offers.

  1. Corporate / Business 3D Sponsorships - We help corporations (or smaller businesses) take advantage of the growing popularity of 3D. How do we do this? By providing them a means to attach themselves to major (and minor) 3D events. Is there a big 3D movie coming out? A company can align themselves with such by providing branded glasses. The same is true with TV programming, and/or print. We have glasses in every style imaginable.
  2. Non-3D Sponsorships – Our Optical Effects glasses allow you to offer exceptional experiences for “ordinary” (and not-so-ordinary) events. Like a fireworks show, light show, holiday lights, an eclipse, or similar. Even “city lights” take on an entirely new meaning with our special glasses (imprinted with your logo and/or message). This means your company can be branded as both an innovator and a company that’s fun.
  3. Retail Sales – Both the 3D and Optical Effects glasses mentioned above are available for resale. If you are a retailer, imagine offering fireworks viewing glasses before the big fireworks show?
  4. Your Own Event – We have the capability to assist you in offering your own 3D events. We can help you produce the content, and supply the glasses. With our advanced technology, your media can be seen in 3D without the end-user needing special technology (for example, an ordinary analog TV can view 3D.) This means you can produce a corporate-sponsored film, project it on a sheet in a beautiful park, hand out 3D glasses, and have a huge 3D party right there in the park!
    Conversely, you can license pre-recorded material, arrange and advertise a TV broadcast or specific location showing, distribute glasses via outlets such as newspapers, shops, retailers etc…

Truthfully, the above are just a few suggestions to get you thinking - the possibilities are endless. Any media, regardless of content, can be made better and more engaging with 3D. And we can help you bring it to life!!

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