Africa and 3D: A Beautiful Partnership!
Bringing the most stunning visuals in media to the world's most breathtaking continent!

The Tech Revolution has come to Africa, and Thrillscape3Dglasses is leading the way.

3D is here, it’s hot, and African consumers want it. And African companies who delve into the exciting world of 3D are poised to profit big. Thrillscape Africa is here to make that happen.

We provide the most exciting 3D products and services in the world - 3D products and services that are fresh, exciting, and revenue-generating. Whether you are a retailer looking for a super product to fly off the shelves (like our specialty 3D glasses) or a company looking to incorporate 3D into your print and/or video marketing collateral, we’re here to help you.

3D technology not only offers viewers an engaging thrill, but provides advertisers a new world of mesmerizing messaging opportunities. Thrillscape 3D has the perfect tool for taking full advantage of this new Tech bonanza. The attention-getting power is immense. Imagine the thrill of a viewer seeing your ad in full color, animated 3D, and getting more hits and sales than you imagined because they begged a friend to “see this!” And imagine the name of your company or product on the glasses themselves, and the interest that would elicit? (yes, we do branded glasses).

How can we help you?

Cutting-Edge 3D Glasses

3D glasses for every situation. From glasses for movies to novelty glasses for everything from fireworks to streetlights!

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Marketing that POPS!

There is no better way to grab eyeballs (or go viral) than with 3D print and media. And we can make it happen for you.

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Winning Partnerships

From the heavyweight ring to the slopes of the Winter X Games, 3d cinematography puts viewers right in the middle of the action!

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Live Performances

Performances that are recorded in 3D come to life for viewers worldwide! With the latest 3D technology, any show can jump off the's the next best thing to being there live!

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Catch the 3D Buzz

Everyone needs a little buzz now and then. And Thrillscape Africa allows you to get the 3D Buzz. A 3D buzz makes a movie jump off the screen. It makes people talk, and try and convince others to join them to experience a mutual buzz (“you HAVE to see this!”) A 3D buzz goes viral through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

Today’s 3D buzz has come home – it’s not just movies anymore, but also on television screens, print advertisements, video games, and even computer screens (including tablets and phones). Thrillscape Africa helps you corral this buzz with the world’s best 3D glasses - glasses that turn ordinary light into bursts of color, and fireworks into exploding rainbows of descending pigment. These fun, funky glasses bring the buzz home for the advertiser and the consumer.

Our site is full of products and fun, and awash with money making opportunities for progressive retailers and forward thinking companies. Look around and discover how Thrillscape 3D can help produce fun and income, and enhance your business.

About Thrillscape Africa

Thrillscape Africa is the African branch of, one of the world’s leading suppliers of 3D glasses, products, and media services.

We provide 3D glasses and a range of 3d innovations so that you can give your promotions and marketing a great 3D look that will really wow consumers and clients. We take care of the technology, so you can concentrate on the power of your message.

The possibilities are endless as well. Media presenters can now provide 3D images to print, TV, advertising, DVDs, Video Games, computer screens, LCD Projectors, cellular phones… and the list grows larger every day.

With the emergence of 3d technology in Africa, our company is committed to constantly updating its product line to both reflect and drive trends in digital entertainment. Our high performing glasses are guaranteed to raise your customer’s viewing experience to an entirely new level.

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